Our Story

1976 – A Mother’s Need to Look After Her Family

Jo Anne Fallaise, founder of Jo Anne’s Place Health Foods, began her journey of providing natural health products when she saw the need for such products for her own family. With encouragement from her entrepreneur father, and the support of her husband Murray, Jo Anne Fallaise operated her first health store from her home in Lindsay. In a 500 square foot of space, Jo Anne began to educate her customers on the importance of healthy whole food, and the benefits of using natural cosmetics, while providing them with a selection of products to support a healthier lifestyle.

Jo Anne's Place Health Foods 1976

Customer Demand Grows

As Jo Anne’s passion for spreading good health grew, so did her store. She eventually moved to a 1,000 square foot space in another home to provide more products and services to her growing customer base. The need for a store front became apparent, and in 1994 Jo Anne’s Place moved to 84 Russell St. West, Lindsay, where it can be found today. Today Jo Anne’s Place in Lindsay has over 2500 square feet of retail and storage space to serve customers in the Kawartha Lakes and surrounding area

1985 – Peterborough Expansion

As the understanding about the benefits of living healthy increased, Jo Anne decided to expand to Peterborough. In 1985, the first store in Peterborough opened. This location moved to 904 Water St, where it has undergone a number of different expansions over the years – all focused on enhancing the customer experience.  

As Jo Anne’s journey continued and her vision of creating a healthy community expanded, her daughter Margo was by her side. With her mother’s guidance, Margo learned the ins and outs of running a business, became educated on nutraceuticals, followed the ever-changing wellness trends and experienced first-hand the benefits of a clean, healthy lifestyle. All of this helped Margo to prepare for the next change.

In 1998, Margo and her husband Paul took over the daily operations of the business and Jo Anne and her husband Murray moved into semi-retirement. With the support of the community and customers, Jo Anne’s Place continued to grow under Margo and Paul’s leadership.

2003 – The Next Generation Takes the Lead  

With the confidence that Margo and Paul were ready to take over the business, Jo Anne decided it was the right time to enjoy full-time retirement. Margo and Paul were committed to honouring Jo Anne’s vision of creating a healthy community by offering health-conscious product choices and natural foods. 

Over the next six years, Margo and Paul worked hard to grow the business and to connect with more customers. Based on customers’ comments and the expanding marketplace they realized there was now a need for a second Peterborough location.

2008 – A Second Peterborough Location 

The new Lansdowne Street West location opened with 5,000 square feet of retail space and enabled Jo Anne’s Place to greatly expand their grocery, nutraceutical and cosmetic selections. This new location became the hub for a head office, central warehouse and distribution centre.

Jo anne's Place staff cutting red ribbon

2018 – A Major Renovation Project 

Ten years later it was time to update the flagship location with a significant exterior and interior renovation. After 6 months of renovations (a big thank you to JoAnne’s Place customers for their patience), Jo Anne’s Place was pleased to introduce customers to the remodeled retail space which features a new Dispensary and ’76 Sips, a new café, named after the year Jo Anne’s Place was founded.

Along the Way

We are so thankful to our community for their loyal support of our local family business.Today at Jo Anne’s Place, customers will find organic fruit and vegetables, quality frozen meat, gluten-free and local products, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and herbal products, a wide selection of supplements and vitamins, natural cosmetics and body care products, biodegradable cleaning and housekeeping products, pet-care products and so much more. Each store is staffed by professional product educators and holistic nutritionists who are available to support a customer’s unique wellness journey. From food sampling, to product demonstrations, seminars, events, and a customer rewards program JP Rewards — there’s always something special happening at Jo Anne’s Place!

Our Values

Integrity / Inspiring / Excellence / Authenticity

Our Vision

Inspiring wellness on purpose, now and for future generations.

Our Mission

To be a champion for wellness in the communities we serve, from the distinctive quality of the products we select, to our passion in caring for every relationship with which we are entrusted.

A Bright Future Ahead

“Here at Jo Anne’s Place, we strive to offer a wide selection of quality products to encourage you to take care of yourself, your family and the world which has been entrusted to each of us.”

Paul & Margo Hudson,

Owners of Jo Anne’s Place Health Foods