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Meet Marissa

Marissa Laughlin, RHN & FDN-P, is a Functional Nutritionist with training in functional lab testing and natural approaches to supporting your gut, hormones, and metabolism. She has spent the last 9 years helping individuals navigate their health and wellness journey. From IBS, acne, celiac, chronic constipation, and hormonal imbalances, to fatigue, brain fog, inflammation and more.

Signs You Need A Functional Nutritionist To Support You 

– You’ve been struggling with bloating, abdominal pain, or gas throughout the day

– It is sometimes days between bowel movements, or the exact opposite and you can’t seem to find a bathroom fast enough

– You hit the snooze button 3+ times and find yourself struggling to wake up and conquer the day ahead

– You see the clock hit 3 pm and you can’t tell if you need a nap, cupcake, or a coffee

– Every month you dread your cycle because it either isn’t on time, heavy, spotty or an extended week of pain, emotions and exhaustion.

– You can’t quite remember the last time you felt energized, motivated, and happy

– You have tried multiple different health trends with no success

– You have been told nothing is wrong or your levels are “normal” but you are still not feeling your absolute best

If you can relate to any of these states of being, Marissa can help. Unlike other practitioners, Marissa will take the guesswork out of the equation by using accurate and professional functional lab testing, to correlate your symptoms to your results and support the underlying imbalances and dysfunction. In case you didn’t know, you deserve to be well and your future depends on it! So, let’s work together to regain your health so you can start to feel yourself again.

– Marissa Laughlin, RHN & FDN-P

How To Work With Marissa

While working with Marissa, you will work to balance and nourish your body through 3 phases, the Foundational Phase, Targeting Healing Phase and the Maintenance Phase. The duration of these phases depends on your current health concerns, the results of your lab testing and how committed you are to your healing protocol. You can expect this journey to last 3-6+ months.

Remember, it could have taken you years to get to the state of health you are in, so you can’t expect to regain your health within 2 weeks. A realistic and sustainable approach will take time, but it will get you the results you deserve!

What To Expect 

Initial Wellness Intake Consultation / Onboarding Phase

We will start your journey with a deep-dive into your current state of health and desired state of health to allow us to co-create a sustainable and attainable wellness plan that is best suited for you.
During this consultation, we will also discuss which functional lab testing may be necessary, the length of each healing phase, and the initial steps to making changes right away.


Follow Up Wellness Consultations / Foundations Phase

During this phase, we will be focusing on immediate symptom relief care and implementing long-term supportive lifestyle habits while we investigate the underlying causes of your current state of health.
Relief care for current symptoms is supportive to help you start feeling better temporarily. Once we can identify your underlying imbalances, we will move into phase two for targeted healing. Additionally, having strong, consistent and healthy foundational habits in place for the long run is going to be supportive throughout your healing journey. The foundation that we will continue to build on through each phase is nutrition, stress, sleep, and movement.
Keep in mind, these foundations are here to stay and evolve as your wellness journey does.

$89 / Follow Up Consultations Packages are available

Targeted Healing Phase – 6-12 Weeks

Now that we understand the what (symptoms) and why (your test results) of your current state of health, we can begin to take a targeted approach to support optimal health. During this phase, we will review and interpret your function lab testing and create an individualized healing protocol using the 5R method. Your tailored protocol will be based on your unique lab results and will include therapeutic and targeted nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.

Review & Maintenance Phase

What’s next? Once you have been consistent on your healing protocol and have regained control over your health, I will provide you with the tools to maintain your health and well-being long term. I want to ensure you feel educated and confident to continue on your wellness journey with resources and options for continued support.

Additional Costs

All functional labs will be an additional cost. During our initial consultation, we will decide which tests are best suited for your health concerns. Below is an estimated cost of the most common tests. Please note, prices can fluctuate based on where they are coming from and being delivered to.

GI MAP – $479 +

*Please Note Marissa has access to many more functional lab testing including thyroid panels, auto-immunity screening and more. Other testing can be discussed in your onboarding consultations.

Booking Availability

Marissa is currently accepting new in-person clients on Monday and Tuesday at Bloom Health located at 727 Lansdowne Street West in Peterborough.

To start your wellness journey with Marissa today, contact her at marissa@joannesplace.ca or


“I would like to appreciate Marissa in that she has given me really exceptional service. I first met her through the dispensary where she struck me as being knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciate the personal contact which she gives me because I am elderly with chronic laryngitis and I don’t want to be bouncing around from store to store to look for things. She keeps in touch with me through email and lets me know when things are in the store that I need. She seems to remember what most of my health issues are and listens carefully so she can provide what I need. She also researches products carefully and gives me advice as to the quality of the products.

In addition, she’s just a nice warm person with a good sense of humour which makes me feel good after I have spoken with her. Marissa is somebody I can count on to be a partner in my healthcare.”

Yours sincerely,

Gay Bell

Wellness on Purpose Podcast

Did you know that Marissa is also the host of our podcast? Marissa teams up with other health and wellness professionals to provide you with impactful, educational and realistic information to help you progress on your wellness journey.

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