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Marissa Laughlin has been practicing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for over 7 years! Marissa’s professional and practical approach to nutrition is founded on the belief that consistency and simplicity are essential for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Marissa can help you transform your current state of health by supporting positive changes in your daily routine, one step at a time. Marissa will meet you right where you are and provide a helping hand towards your wellness goals.


Marissa is incredibly passionate about inspiring optimal wellness to everyone around her. Although Marissa’s focus as a nutritionist will always be food first, she believes in looking at all areas of your lifestyle to help you reach your wellness goals. When working with Marissa she will begin by evaluating the foundational pillars of health, proper nourishment, adequate sleep, stress levels and daily routine. If you are struggling with any of the following bumps in your journey, Marissa is here to help.

If you suffer with digestive imbalance symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux or abdominal pain, Marissa will help to get to the root cause.

Marissa journey navigating celiac disease is what lead her to become the nutritionist she is today. Along her healing journey and the journey of her clients, she has helped many people who suffered with digestive disorders such as IBS,IBD,IBC,IBD, SIBO, and celiac disease,

If you suffer with hormonal imbalances such as mood swings, PMS, painful periods, transitioning off birth control, perimenopausal, menopausal, or reoccurring uti’s or vaginal infections, Marissa can help to regain control over your hormones.

If you are suffering with blood sugar irregulation, sluggishness, brain fog, fatigue or cravings, Marissa can help you feel yourself again! 


Personalized One-On-One Consultations








The Lifestyle Reset Package will allow Marissa to connect with you to understand your current state of health and your desired state of health. This package includes a customized protocol that is suited towards your unique wellness goal as well follow up sessions to hold you accountable. Marissa recommends choosing this package if you are looking to address all areas of your lifestyle (nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle habits).

The Lifestyle Reset Package includes 4 sessions.

Session #1 | Intake Session
Marissa will take a full health history, and understands your health goals, nutrition concerns, your lifestyle habits, food preferences, schedule and all of the information she needs to create a customized protocol for you. After your first session, Marissa will provide you with a few routine suggestions to implement right away.

Session #2 | Protocol Delivery
This session is to assess your initial session suggestions and we will begin to build onto your protocol. This could include nutritional, supplemental or lifestyle suggestions that are tailored to your health concerns. Marissa will provide you with the necessary information and support to help you to implement the plan in a way that suits you best.

Session #3 + 4 | Check in
These sessions are typically 3-6 weeks after your initial session to allow for integration of your protocol. Because each protocol is unique to your individual needs, these follow up sessions are at your pace. During these check ins, Marissa may adjust your protocol based on the progression of your current health. This may include nutrition support, supplementation or lifestyle changes.

NOTE : Depending on your current state of health, your goals and commitment, Marissa may suggest additional consultations to help you reach your goals in a sustainable and realistic manner.


If you are looking for a single follow up session or are inquiring about general suggestions, book a single consultation session with Marissa.
30 minutes | $59 + HST OR 60 minutes | $89 + HST


Twice a year, Marissa runs an Eating for the Season Program focused on a specific topic. This program is an affordable and supportive nutrition program that is offered from the comfort of your own home. This program will run during the spring and fall of 2022. Stay tuned for further details. Join our email list for updates!

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Did you know that Marissa is also the host of our podcast? Marissa teams up with other health and wellness professionals to provide you with impactful, educational and realistic information to help you progress on your wellness journey.

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Not only is Marissa dedicated to helping other people reach optimal wellness, she openly shares about her wellness journey on social media! Follow Marissa’s journey on…



“I would like to appreciate Marissa in that she has given me really exceptional service. I first met her through the dispensary where she struck me as being knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciate the personal contact which she gives me because I am elderly with chronic laryngitis and I don’t want to be bouncing around from store to store to look for things. She keeps in touch with me through the email and lets me know when things are in the store that I need. She seems to remember what most of my health issues are and listens carefully so she can provide what I need. She also researches products carefully and gives me advice as to the quality of the products.

In addition, she’s just a nice warm person with a good sense of humour which makes me feel good after I have spoken with her. Marissa is somebody I can count on to be a partner in my healthcare.”

Yours sincerely,

Gay Bell