WEBINAR: Syncing Your Cycle

Are you struggling with your menstrual cycle? Painful periods, irregular flow, hormonal acne, PMS, bloating, cravings, emotional outburst and breast tenderness are all signs of hormonal imbalances.

Hormone imbalances occur when the body is secreting too much or too little of a hormone.
Factors such as diet, lifestyle, weight, toxins, genes, the environment and medication all play a
role in regulating our hormones.

During this webinar, our nutritionist, Marissa Laughlin will be sharing information that will help you recognize the signs of hormonal imbalance and offer suggestions to allow you to sync with your cycle.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your cycle and its impact on your hormones
  • How to adjust your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise routine to support your body during each phase of your cycle
  • How to reduce your exposure to hormone disruptors
  • Which supplements may help to relieve your symptoms
    Plus time for general Q&A!


This webinar is meant for ages 18-40. 

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This webinar will be available for a replay up to 24 hours



Jul 22 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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