Retreat – The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut is our second brain!

“Listen to your Gut”, “Gut Feeling”, “Butterflies in your Stomach”, “Nervous Nausea”

These metaphors are not just empty phrases; they reflect on the direct connection between our gut and brain axis. The gut-brain is responsible for secreting neurotransmitters, managing stress levels, anxiety and mood regulation, behavior responses, digestive motility, secretion of enzymes and hormones, nutrient delivery and microbial balance. Stress is the number one influencer on our gut-brain connection, which can impact the duties of the gut-brain axis. During this retreat

During this retreat, you will learn ways to nourish the gut microbiome to enhance energy, vitality and longevity. We will also be addressing health concerns such as anxiety, inflammation and bloating which can be supported with a thriving microbiome.


  • Connecting the gut and brain
  • Identifying imbalances of our microbiome
  • Managing our stress response
  • Nourishing your gut-brain connection with food, supplementation and lifestyle changes

Throughout the day, we will be enjoying nutritious food, herbal beverages and a sustainable lunch, moving our bodies mindfully with yoga, stretching, meditation and weight training and learning realistic and impactful information from our community experts.

To Be Annouced

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  • Food Menu

Register online at Eventbrite, or closer to the date we will have sign up sheets in store at all three of our locations.

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Oct 10 2020


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


$199 per person
To register online, click here
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