New Back to school podcast episode

Preparing Children for a Successful and Healthy Back-to-School Season

with Dr.Kate from Natural Factors

As the school bells start ringing, it’s crucial to equip our kids with the nutrients they need to thrive and prevent frequent illness. Ideally, we want to see nutrition be the foundation of nutrients for kids, but the reality is that kids are picky and maybe they don’t eat a variety of foods. So this is where supplementation can be supportive to fill in the gaps and Natural Factors’ Big Friends supplements have been crafted to do just that! On this episode, Dr. Kate is back with us to chat about a topic that resonates with parents across the board—preparing our children for a successful back-to-school season.


Q: How Natural Factors has evolved over the years to be one of our leaders in the health and wellness industry

Q: Key attraction points to Big Friends lines that parents should know

Q: Primary benefits that the Big Friends Multivitamin offer to kids

Q: When to start supplementing with vitamin d

Q: How to improve your child’s sleep quality as they transition into a new routine

Q: How to tailor supplement dosages for kids of all ages

Q: Top piece of advice for parents this back to school season

September 11th – September 28th while supplies last!
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Disclaimer – The information shared on our podcast, is not intended to treat, diagnose, or for the prescription of any medication. Please consult your healthcare professional before use. For dosages, follow recommendations on product or consult with your healthcare provider.

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