Proactive Fertility Support for Women and Men

with Dr.Rory Gibbons from Ca Prev

Roughly, 1 in 6 people struggle with infertility, which can be both women & men. Unfortunately, we are seeing these stats increase year after year. It can be so easy to get caught on the hamster wheel of “don’t do this, this is affecting your egg quality, avoid this, never do this, etc etc etc” but for today’s episode, I want to change the narrative and focus on the positive and proactive things that we can do to support female and male fertility

On this episode, we sat down with Naturopathic Doctor, Rory Gibbons from CanPrev to discuss Proactive Fertility Support for Women and Men

In this episode, we are covering the following topics:

Q : Who is CanPrev and how are they supporting Canadians.

Q : Why are we seeing infertility rates rise.

Q : Can we define fertile?

Q : Specific nutrients from food that can increase fertility.

Q : Lifestyle habits that have a direct impact on hormone health and are supportive for fertility.

Q : New formulations shown to support fertility for men and women.


Prime Fertility Powder for Women 

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Prime Virility Fertility & Testosterone Powder for Mean

This formulation is designed to promote healthy sperm motility and testosterone production, improve resistance to stress, and boost energy.

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