How to prevent & treat vulvovaginal candidiasis naturally

with Aeryon Ashlie from Aeryon Wellness

“3 out of 4 women will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime”

On our latest podcast episode, we sat down with Aeryon Ashlie, founder of Aeryon Wellness which is a female focused, brand on a mission to
“Empower Women with Holistic Health.” In this episode, Aeryon and Marissa are going to be chatting about optimal vaginal health and how to naturally support one of the most common concerns among women, vulvovaginal candidiasis otherwise known as a yeast infection. 

In this episode, we are covering the following topics:

03:00 – More about Aeryon Ashlie and how her health journey led her to founding Aeryon Wellness.

06:55 – What a yeast infection can look, smell and feel like.

10:40 – How and when to test your vaginal pH

11:19 –  Top 5 causes of yeast infections

12:10 – TRUTH – Does your partner pH have anything to do with your own pH?

14:10 – How boric acid suppositories work and when to use them.

16:25 – Why a probiotic suppository may not work for treating a yeast infection. 

17:33 – Nutrition recommendations to support your vaginal flora and pH. Including foods to avoid during a yeast infection.

20:26 – Lifestyle habits that can affect your vaginal flora and pH.

21:59 – Why taking antibiotics are not the best method of action when treating and preventing a yeast infections.

24:31 – Recommended dosage for Boric Acid to treat a yeast infection.


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