Sun Safe Skincare – Do you really need SPF daily?

with Dana Stewart from Mad Hippie

“90-95% of skin aging is actually a result of sun damage”

On our latest podcast episode, we welcomed Dana Stewart from Mad Hippie to discuss the importance of Sun Safe Skincare!

Dana Stewart and her husband, Sam, founded Mad Hippie 14 years ago while living in Central America. Sam and Dana were inspired by their outdoor lifestyle and their time living in the equatorial sun to take better care of their skin, which is how their skincare journey began.  They live in Austin, Texas with their two children and dogs.

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

4:27 – Dana Stewart sharing about her journey as the founder of the skincare brand, Mad Hippie.

10:30 – The truth about how important sunscreen is scale of 1-10

12:55 – The difference between mineral vs chemical based sunscreens

15:34 – What does the SPF value actually mean

17:25 –  How often you need to be applying sunscreen

19:36 – Skincare products and ingredients that can compromise the integrity of your skin

24:06 – The launch of Mad Hippie’s new sun care products!

29:55 – Best piece of advice from Dana to support healthy, glowing and protected skin


Daily Protective Serum – perfect for everyday wear!

Sheer Tint Sun Serum – lightweight serum with a slight tint!

Hydrating Facial SPF – hydrating cream that can be used on the face and body!

Luminizing Facial SPF – want to add some sparkle? Luminate with this SPF!

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