How to Improve Your Cognitive Health

with Jason Watkins from Purica

Welcome back to the wellness on purpose podcast! To kick off our first episode in 2023, we have asked our friend, Jason Watkins from Purica, to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with us! If you’ve missed our previous episodes with him, where we talked in depth about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms for longevity and immunity, check it out here.

We asked Jason to join us again to share his knowledge and research on improving your cognitive health. For today’s episode we are going to focusing on lifestyle factors that can have an impact on your cognitive health which includes your memory, learning abilities, mental clarity and focus and how you can improve your cognitive function.

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

5:32 – Q: Jason’s views on the how cognitive health has evolved

9:50 – Q : What does cognitive health mean and why it is so important

16:23 – Q: Caffeine. Is it supportive for cognitive function or is it problematic longterm?

20:45 – Q: How does alcohol impact your cognitive ability, short and long term?

26:00 – Q: Meditation, is it supportive for cognitive health or is it a fad?

38:40 – Q: How many hours of sleep do you need to improve cognitive function?

46:15 – Q: What are the best medicinal mushrooms for congitive function?


Purica Complete 360 – best for stress, sleep, energy, performance and cognitive function

Purica Lions Mane – need a boost for memory, retaining new information or for focus, add lions mane!

Interested in learning more about Purica and their amazing medicinal mushrooms, visit one of our locations today!

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