Family Day Activities

Our guide to keeping the whole family active this Family Day!

Sustainable Activities

Do you often find yourself wishing that crafts were a little more eco-friendly? We know the feeling. Which is why we highly recommend making sustainable bird feeders this Family Day! All you need is some bird seed and materials that you likely already have around the house. Follow our instructions below to make the best winter snack for your local birdies.

Photo by: Fireflies & Mud Pies

Ice Feeder Ornament

Step 1: Fill a small plastic dish or silicone tray with water

Step 2: Pour plenty of birdseed into the tray and mix well

Step 3: Cut two strings of twine or ribbon and tie together at one end. Place the knotted end in the water.

Step 4: Place your dish in the freezer or leave outside to freeze.

Step 5: Once frozen, pop your ornament out of the dish, and hang your feeder on a nearby tree!

Photo by: Fireflies & Mud Pies

Toilet Paper Bird Feeder

Step 1: Spread natural peanut butter onto a toilet paper roll

Step 2: Roll the toilet paper roll in a dish of birdseed, covering completely.

Step 3: Thread a string of twine through the middle of the roll and tie together

Step 4: Hang on a nearby tree, or if you don’t have twine, slide your feed onto a branch!

Get Outdoors

Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged outdoors? Ontario weather can often be unpredictable on Family Day and you can’t always rely on snow. Why not try a winter scavenger hunt that can be used no matter what the forecast is! See our printable worksheet below.

Make Some Healthy Snacks

Avoid munching on junk food and serve up some nutritious and delicious snacks for the family instead! Check out our recipe below for Cinnamon Drizzle Apples.

We hope these suggestions give you some inspiration to have a happy and healthy Family Day! Please note Jo Anne’s Place will be closed for the day (February 20th).

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