How to Prevent & Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Underlying inflammation is the at the root of chronic health conditions such as psoriasis, joint pain, chronic fatigue, Irritable bowel disease, cold sores, obesity, diabetes, depression and more. If you can personally relate to any of these health concerns or if they run in your family, this podcast episode is for you.

In this episode, we are joined again by, Jason Watkins, co-founder of Purica, to share his knowledge and recommendations on preventing and reducing chronic inflammation.

In this episode, we will cover the following topics….

02:50 : About Jason Watkins and how Purica has evolved

06:26 : How does the body get to a chronic state of inflammation

10:20 : Not so obvious symptoms of chronic inflammation

17:37 : Top 3 lifestyle choices that are big contributing factors to elevated inflammation

24.37 : The connection between stress and inflammation

30:37: Action step to prevent & reduce inflammation – highlighting prevention for young individuals, middle age individuals looking to reduce inflammation and those with autoimmune conditions

49:08: Reducing inflammation and preventing injuries in your pets


Preventative Inflammation and Auto Immunity Support

  • Complete 360 to modulate stress
  • Recovery for prevention

Reducing Inflammation Support

  • Recovery Original – those willing to modify lifestyle habits or have acute inflammation
  • Recovery 3.0 – those with more chronic inflammation or unable to change lifestyle habits
  • Bonus : Take Complete 360 to reduce stress!

Listen to previous episode with Jason here

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