How to Strengthen Your Immune System, Year Round.

how to prevent common illness & how to defend once it hits!

Are you or your family catching every cold & flu there is this year? It might be because your immune system needs to be challenged to build a stronger immunity– year round!

After spending the last few years cooped up inside, our immunity system hasn’t been challenged like it needs to be. Now that we are adapting back to regular routines, our bodies will require support to find balance to reduce frequent illness.

In this episode, we are joined by, Dr. Briana Lutz from St. Francis Herb Farm. Brianna Lutz is a naturopathic doctor and herbalist, that provides family medicine with a special focus in women’s health, fertility and perinatal care. She is also the Education Manager for St.Francis Herb Farm and will be speaking on their behalf for this episode. Listen to learn more about how to prevent common illness & how to defend once it hits!

In this episode, we will cover the following topics….

05:51 : Why it is important to support your immune system, year round.

08:00 : Where the immune system is located. is not in just 1 spot!

09:30 : When the immune system is activated..

10:56 : Other bodily functions rely on a balanced immune system.

14:33 : How stress impacts the immune system.

16:30 : Top reasons the immune system becomes weak

19:19: Signs your immune system is weak. PS, it’s not just when you’re sick!

22:20: Why kids are picking up each cold and flu these days.

26:30: Using the SEED approach to support balanced, strong immunity through conscious everyday lifestyle choices and powerful plant medicines to help shield you from infection PLUS help you fight back and defend your health when illness strikes! 


Preventative Immune Support – balances&modulates the immune system

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  • St. Francis – Deep Immune Licorice Free – modified to eliminate licorice, so that it is safe for those with (or at risk for) hypertension.
  • St. Francis – Deep Immune Kids

Take preventively year round, 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

Defend Immune Support – stimulates the immune system

  • St. Francis – EchinaSeal – shortens the duration and severity of viral infection, cold & flu, and relieves sore throat.
  • St. Francis – Virafect – tackles viral infections related to cold and flu.

Take as needed when you are feeling under the weather!

Book recommendation : “Let Them Eat Dirt”

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Listen to full episode here:

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