Balancing Men’s Hormones

Libido, Stress, ED & Prostate Health

Men.. this episode is for you!

Did you know that 1 in 8 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among men and typically develops after age 50. Today we are talking about men’s health, their hormones and how a simple daily routine can support their wellbeing, at all ages.

In the episode, we are joined by RoseMarie Pierce, Education Director and Formulator for Prairie Naturals. RoseMarie is also a holistic consultant with more than 40 years experience in both conventional and natural medicine and today she is going to share her knowledge of men’s health. Everything from stress and sleep to erectile dysfunction, prostate and weight gain.

So, let’s get into it!

In this episode, we will cover the following topics….

07:10 : Men’s main hormones : Testosterone , Estrogen and DTH – what are the importance of these hormones.

10:13 : How often men’s hormones fluctuate and why.

13:30 : Common signs of hormonal imbalances in men **weight gain, ED, mental/emotional changes and more**

16:12 : Testicular and prostate cancer.

18:31 : Prairie Naturals partnership with Trevor Linden and the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

21:40 : Top 3 supplements to balance men’s hormones. *increasing energy, libido, urinary health and prostate function while decreasing stress, excess estrogen and erectile dysfunction**

33:00: How men can increase their nitric oxide production.


Prairie Natural Vigor Force

  • help balance male hormones
  • boosts male energy and libido.
  • supportive for erectile dysfunction (ED)

Prairie Naturals Andro Force

  • blocks estrogen
  • reduces stress-induced cortisol production
  • helps restore hormone balance

Prairie Naturals Prost Force

  • helps to relieve urologic symptoms associated with mild to moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Improves urinary health in men
  • tones & strengthens the male reproductive system
  • decreases aromatase enzyme and estrogen levels
  • protects healthy free testosterone

Prairie Naturals Greens – include cruciferous vegetables to metabolize estrogen

Prairie Naturals Reds – dietary nitrates to increase nitric oxide

Pick up your Prairie Naturals products in our stores today!

Learn more about Prairie Naturals and Canadian Men’s Health Foundation here

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Listen to full episode here:

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