How to reduce stress in your household this school year.

Let’s get back to routine!

We hope that everyone has adjusted back to a routine this month. Whether you or your kids have gone back to school, or your summer holidays have ended, or if you’re like me and start to transition from a fast and go with the flow summer into a slow and routine based fall, I hope you are all finding your groove. Now, during this transition, many things change and they change for the better. We start prioritizing a daily routine, adequate sleeping habits, maybe we get back into a workout routine or start craving different foods, like warm soups and stews. I think it is important to pay attention to these changes and make sure they make you feel good, mentally and physically. I also think it’s important to pay attention to your stress levels. Stress is a very common topic here on the podcast, and it likely always will be because it affects everyone. Whether you are a senior, parent, a student or a child, stress is something we’ve all faced at some point in our life. As we progress through the school year, identifying and managing stress can be supportive for our immune system, mental health and general overall wellness. For today’s episode we’ve asked our favourite pharmacist, Cyrus Kuhzarani to join us on the podcast again to chat more about how you can keep the entire family calm this school year! 

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

03:40 : What signs to look out for as a parents should that could indicate their child is experiencing stress.

04:55 : Whats can cause stress for kids.

07:23 : The impact stress has on kids long term.

11:40 : The first steps for parents to take if they are seeing signs of stress in their children.

15:40 : Recommendations for the whole family to help reduce the overall stress in the household.

18:20: Advice for university & college students to help manage your stress.

21:07 : How to join Pure Lab Vitamins free upcoming webinar to learn more about stress and anxiety.

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Listen to full episode here:

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