Back to School Essentials for Immunity, Sleep & Focus

We took a little break over the last few weeks to enjoy the warm summer days and plan for our next year. Today we are back at it with Naturopathic Doctor, Owen Wiseman from A. Vogel to chat about back to school! It is time to get back to your daily, healthy habits and routines to start the school season strong, and we are here to help! In this episode we are going to provide you with practical ways to support your children this year to strengthen their immunity, improve their sleep and improve brain health!

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

2:05 : Introduction of Naturopathic Doctor, Owen Wiseman

5:00 : Top 3 common health concerns amongst children going back to school

5:13 : The importance of a proper sleep schedule for childern and what an ideal sleep schedule could look like.

9:07 : How to prevent your children from picking up every little sniffle that comes their way this school year.

14:55 : Lifestyle and nutritional guidance to help your child stay focused this school year.

20:38 : The number 1 all-in-one supplement that Dr. Wiseman suggests for the entire family.

24:20: What makes Bio-Strath so unique and effective.

28:16 : When and how to supplement with Bio-Strath

Learn more about Bio-Strath here or visit any of our locations to chat with our amazing staff!

Connect with Dr.Owen Wiseman here

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