The Truth About Laxatives & Magnesium Deficiency

Did you know that 1 in 4 Canadians suffer with constipation at some point in their life? Constipation affects those who experience difficulties having a bowel movement on a regular basis. There are many factors that contribute to poor elimination, BUT there is also many tools that can help improve proper elimination, which is what we are going to cover in today’s episode with Cyrus Kuhzarani from Pure Lab Vitamins.

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

2:18 – Q: Why proper elimination is essential for optimal health.

4:27 – Q: How often we should be having a bowel movement per day.

4:47 – Q: Signs of chronic constipation.

5:00 – Q: Underlying causes of constipation.

6:00 – Q: The impact constipation has on the gut microbiome.

7:27 – Q: How stress effects our transit time

7:53 – Q: The truth on laxatives such as metamucil and restoralax

10:08 – Q: A better alternative to laxatives to support proper elimination

12:57 – Q: What to expect in Pure Lab Vitamins upcoming free webinar . Register here

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Constipation Support : Pure Lab Vitamin Magnesium Glycinate

Listen to full episode here:

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