Top 3 Rising Health Concerns in Women

Insomnia, Stress & Hormones

On today’s episode, we are welcoming back one of our favorite guests, Cyrus. Cyrus is a compounding pharmacist who tries to get people off drugs, and onto a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle regimen that includes key nutrients from one of Canada’s top leading supplement lines which he has created, Pure Lab Vitamins. In past episodes, we’ve talked about cardiovascular disease in women, Seasonal Affective Disorder and the importance of acid-alkaline balance (listen to them here.) and today, we are continuing the conversation to discussing the top 3 rising health concerns that are specific to women..

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

01:41 – Q: The top 3 health concerns that women are facing today.

03:40Q: How these health concerns are related to each other.

05:10 – Q: What every women should be including in their daily routine to manage their stress

09:16 – Q:  What insomnia is and how it impacts our bodies

10:33 – Q: The ideal hours of sleep our bodies need

12:20 – Q: How to improve your sleep quality, proper melatonin dosage and the power of slow release l-theanine

18:10- Q: How stress and sleep affect our hormones and where to start

20:07Q: What to know when considering Bio identical HRT

Product Feature Available at Jo Anne’s Place: Pure Lab Vitamins

Stress Support : Pure Lab Vitamins Bio Active B Complex & Magnesium Glycinate

Sleep Support : Pure Lab Vitamin Magnesium + Melatonin & L- Theanine

Listen to full episode here:

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