Let’s Talk Women’s Flora, Hormones & Happiness!

Hi everyone, it’s podcast host, Marissa here!

Ladies, when’s the last time that you checked in with your vaginal microbiome? Did you know that the health of your vaginal microbiome affects your hormones, gut health, and sexual health? We’ve asked Irene Pauline from Living Alchemy to join us on this episode to talk all about how to support your vaginal microbiome while managing your stress and balancing your hormones!

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

1:25 : Introduction of Irene Pauline and Living Alchemy.

3:11 : Why is it important for women to flourish this microbiome.

3:57 : The most common symptoms that women will experience if their vaginal flora is not thriving.

7:45 : The impact a women’s vaginal flora has on their hormones.

8:45: How a women’s vaginal microbiome change as they move through primenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal phases.

9:47 : The top 3 things that contribute to a poor vaginal flora.

12:14 : Top 3 of your tips to enhance the vaginal flora.

14:10 : The impact our stress hormones play in balancing the body.

17:17 : What typically comes first, imbalance of the microbiome or the imbalance of the hormones.

19:45 : How to start healing & flourishing your vaginal microbiome.

25:04 : What to know when choosing supplements for women’s health.


  • Living Alchemy Women’s Flora (vaginal & digestive microbiome)
  • Living Alchemy Ashwaghanda (stress management)
  • Living Alchemy Warrior (hormone & energy support)

You can find all 3 products at our Lansdowne location!

Listen to full episode here:

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