Acid – Alkaline Balance for a Healthy Body

Hi everyone, it’s podcast host, Marissa here!

On this episode, we are welcoming back Cyrus Kuhzarani from Pure Labs Vitamins. Cyrus joined us in the past to share about the rising concerns of cardiovascular disease in women and Seasonal Affective Disorder. In case you missed those episodes, listen to them here.

On today’s episode we are talking about the importance of pH balance. Typically when we hear the term pH balance, we think about chemistry class or about water, like drinking water, pools, or hot tubs. This is accurate, but there is a lot to be talked about in regards to pH balance in the body which is why we have asked Cyrus to join us again and share his knowledge on alkalinity.

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

02:07 – Q: Introduction of Cyrus Kuhzarani and one of Canada’s leading supplement company, Pure Lab Vitamins.

05:09Q: What does ph balance mean and why it is so important?

07:33 – Q: Does the body have 1 pH level or do different areas of the body have different ph levels? 

08:09 – Q: Overall, what is an ideal pH level?

08:35 – Q: How does one test their pH level?

10:50 – Q: What does the pH range look like? What does each end values mean?

11:58 – Q: When is the best time to test your pH level? 

13:05Q: What does the results of your pH mean?

14:48Q: How does someone become more alkaline? NEED TO KNOW: The number 1 acidifier

19:31 – Q: What is the top supplement to support alkalinity?

22:16 – Q: How quickly can one change their pH levels. Does it change day to day or would you say month to month?

25:16 – Q: Lastly, Pure Lab Vitamins has a free webinar coming up on April 27th which you will be talking more in depth about alkalinity for skin health. Can you tell our listeners more about this?

Learn more and register for Pure Lab Vitamins The Beauty of Being Alkaline webinar here.

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Listen to full episode here:

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