Foundational Nutrients for your Furry Friends!

with Ken Cowan from BiologicVET Canada.

One of the top rising trends we are seeing in the wellness industry is pet health & prevention! We’ve asked Ken Cowan, who is a part of the BiologicVET Advantage team from Flora to share his experience and professional recommendations for pet health & prevention.

01:37 – Who is Ken Cowan, what does he do at Flora, and what is Flora BiologicVET Advantage line all about.

02:53 – More about Ken’s experience working in the pet supplementation industry, what has changed over the years and why is the health of our pets become so relevant.

04:49 – When it comes to supplementation for pets, do you think it’s because there has been a rise in health conditions in pets or do you think that people are in a preventative mindset?

06:07 – We know as humans, deficiencies in nutrients can lead to health conditions and this is the same for our pets. Do you think deficiencies have stemmed from the quality of dog food or something else? Do you think it is an important place to start, higher nutritional dog food?

*key nutrients for pets*

08:37 – What are the most common deficiencies in pets?

13:48 – How would one know when your animal is deficient in nutrients and could require a change in regime like the addition of a supplement?

15:48 – Breaking down each product from BiologicVet and why your pet could benefit from supplementing with each formulation

16:06 – BioSkin & Coat : Skin Health and helps maintain normal histamine levels

17:56 – BioDigest : Helps maintain proper gut pH, intestinal health and flora in the digestive tract. 

20:54 – BioVites : Helps Maintain General Health of All Ages and Breeds

21:55 – BioFats : Supports Healthy Skin, Coat, Heart and Aging

22:48 – BioJoint : Joint Structure, Function and Connective Tissue

24:10 – Marissa’s personally experience using BioSkin&Coat and BioDigest with her dogs.

24:51 – What you should know about current regulations for pet supplements being sold in Canada.

26:34 – Final professional recommendations from Ken to support your pets health.

To learn more about what supplement formulation is best for your pet, visit or visit one of our Jo Anne’s Place locations!

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