Aging | How To Slow Down This Natural Process 

Let’s Age Gracefully.

Hi everyone, it’s podcast host, Marissa here!

Some people see “aging” as a dirty word but it is invertible. We will all age. But how quickly we age mentally, physically and physiologically differs from person to person. Even two people who are the exact same age, born at the exact same time, will age differently. We tend to think that aging is associated with a number or a change in appearance like grey hair, but aging involves much more than that. In this episode, we have asked Dana Remedios from Flora Health to dig deeper with us to talk about what is happening on an internal level of cellular aging. We are going to talk about preventive and supportive aging health, what is actually happening when we age and the importance of detoxification to slow down the aging process.  

In this episode we are covering the following topics:

1:45 – Q : Who is Dana Remedio’s and what makes Flora Health so amazing!

4:56 – Q: What is cellular aging?

6:24 – Q: What factors affect cellular again?

8:45 – Q: What are free radicals? What do they do to the body?

11:20 – Q: Does proper detoxification have an impact on slowing down cellular aging? 

14:15 – Q: How would someone know if their detoxification pathways were impacting their cellular health?

18:28 – Q: If someone is not detoxing properly, what is your professional recommendation for them? 

20:30 – Q: What is in Flor Essence and how would one use it?

24:24 – Q: Do you think there is a specific diet that is best to support cellular aging?

29:30 – Q: What daily habits are essential for slowing down the aging process?

32:45- Q: A big supplement category that is promoted for anti aging is antioxidants. Do you think this is the magical answer to aging gracefully? 

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Product Feature : Flora Flor Essence 

Listen to full episode here:

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