How To Improve Your Gut Health

Do You Need A Probiotic?

Hi everyone, it’s podcast host, Marissa here!

Do you suffer with gas, bloating, constipation, UTI’s, anxiety or frequent illness? Your gut health may be compromised.

On today’s episode, we have asked Nutritionist, Amber Lynn Vitale from Garden of Life to join us again to chat all about gut health and whether or not a probiotic is essential in your supplement regime or not. We cover what lifestyle factors diminished your gut health, foods that support your gut microbiome, why you need to diversify your exposure to microorganisms, and what to do if you suffer with specific health concerns related to a compromised gut.

In this episode you, we are covering the following topics:

1:58 – Q : Introduction of Amber and Garden of Life

3:12 – Q: Why taking care of our gut health so important.

5:36 – Q:  What diminishes our gut health.

10:06 – Q: What foods are best for our gut health.

15:25 – Q : What lifestyle factors improve our gut health.

21:12 – Q: The truth. Are probiotics essential for gut health.

26:18 – Q: What makes Garden of Life probiotics so unique compared to other supplement brands.

28:20 – Q:  Multi strain vs single strain probiotic. 

31:33 – How to pick which Garden of Life probiotic is best suited for:

31:41 – Q: Someone suffering with digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating, or constipation. Recommendation: Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotic Once Daily Ultra

33:05 – Q: Someone suffering with recurring UTI’s. Recommendation: Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotic Urinary Tract +

36:02 – Q: Someone suffering with anxiety or mood fluctuations. Recommendation: Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotic Mood

40:27 – Q: Children who are frequently ill, Recommendation : Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotic Organic Kids+

43:14- Q: If someone isn’t suffering with any symptoms, should they still take a probiotic?

Listen to full episode here:

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