Reducing your risk of developing Heart Disease

Are you a part of the 97%?

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One of the leading causes of death in Canadians is heart disease. After further research on the causes of heart disease, I found that heart disease is more common in those who were deficient in omega 3.  Consuming different types of fats has become a controversial topic in regards to heart health, which is why I have asked our friends Darren Wright and Diana Gifford- Jones to join us to chat about how healthy fats that contain omegas 3’s can in fact help to reduce the risks of developing heart disease.

In this episode, we are sharing ways in which you can make changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease starting today. 

1:13 : Celebrating Heart Health Month!

2:18 : Introducing Certified Naturals and what makes this brand so unique.

4:00 : The Legacy that Diana Gifford- Jones is carrying on.

5:19 : Full circle moment for Dr. W Gifford-Jones.

6:59 : The facts about different types of fats.

9:09 : Omega 3 vs Omega 6 and what do they do for the body?

11:50 : Breaking down the compounds (EPA,DHA,ALA) found in omega rich foods.

12:50 : Food sources that contain the highest omega 3’s.

13:50 : Is it possible for people to get enough omega 3 through diet alone?

16:05 : What is the average rate of Canadians that are deficient in omega 3s? In other words, at risk for developing heart disease?

18:45 : How would someone know if they are deficient in omega 3’s? Is there a medical test that can be done?

19:30 : What makes Certified Naturals Omega 3 X so superior compared to other fish oil supplements?

23:60 : Will people experience any side effects from this fish oil, in particular the common reflux/ fishy repeat?

25:16 : Risk of contamination of heavy metals or toxins with this fish oil.

28:10 : Proper supplementation dosage for cardiovascular support.

29:28 : Diana and her father’s experience when testing their Omega Index after following a healthy diet for years

For your OmegaQuant testing kit, visit this link and use code Gifford-Jones to receive 10% off. Receive an additional 5% discount (15% total) if you purchase your kit between February 14 2022 and February 28 2022.

Listen to full episode here:

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