Gluten-Free Pesto Pasta

This one pot dish can be made in less than 10 min and yet doesn’t compromise in quality or flavour. There are two essential ingredients needed to bring this dish together and the first one is our tinkyada brown rice pasta. It’s light in flavour, high in quality and has an incredible soft yet chewy texture which is hard to come by when choosing a gluten free alternative. The next ingredient is our Sunflower Kitchen Pesto. If you haven’t tried this pesto yet you are missing out! Sunflower Kitchen Pesto is full of fresh and yet powerful flavour which creates the illusion that you have just picked fresh basil from the garden and created your own homemade pesto. This is all that you need to make this dish fabulous. It is a constant staple in our household fridges as we are always finding uses for it such as: charcuterie boards, quesadillas, grilled cheese or paninis, dips, sauces etc the options are endless.

Let’s get started! First, bring to a boil a pot of water. Cook your pasta of choice as per the package directions. Once al dente, strain the liquid and place back into the pot. Add your full package of Sunflower Kitchen Pesto and return heat to low and slowly stir for a couple more minutes to allow the sauce to soak into the pasta. Top it off with salt and pepper, some shredded organic medium cheddar cheese (we used L’Ancentre cheese) and freshly chopped cherry tomatoes!

Did you know that l’Ancentre is one of the first organic cheese producers in Canada? L’Ancentre’s organic medium cheddar cheese with raw milk is now offered at Jo Anne’s Place for a value price (325g – $11.79) as a part of our Jo Anne’s Place Essentials.

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