Can we support local in winter?

It’s the dead of winter in Canada, and our fields are snow-covered, cover-cropped and very quiet. So how can buying import produce support a local farm?

It stands to reason that if you buy imported produce, you will be supporting a local import business. However, this is often monopolized by bigger distributors who have the buying power. For a typical smaller farmer, the winter months are for planning next year, fixing machinery, and selling storage or greenhouse crops

That’s why we have partnered with Pfenning’s Organic Farms.

Pfenning’s Organic Farms is primarily a farm and do all those things described above; but they are much more than that. Pfenning’s packs for other local growers under the Pfenning brand, and also have their very successful import program. This is important to us because it makes organic produce available year-round and leafy greens grown to the Pfenning’s sustainability standards to augment local storage crops, Over the years, Pfenning’s has cultivated relationships with like-minded grower partners in warmer climes. Some of these relationships have deepened into partnerships, where they work together on growing practices, harvesting methods, and formats. Produce is packed under the Pfenning brand, and we are happy to get well-loved product that is familiar in quality and appearance. When you see “Pfenning Georgia” or “Pfenning California” product, you can be sure it comes from one of these partnerships.

If you choose to buy imported produce, you can still support a local farm.

Read more about Pfenning’s Organic Farms and visit one of our 3 locations for year-round organic produce!


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