Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

​Essential oils are described as volatile materials derived by a physical process from an odour; plant material of a single botanical species.

Where do they come from?

​Essential oils occur in the plant kingdom in flowers, leaves, roots, stems, bark & fruit. Often a plant that produces an essential oil may do so in only one part, such as jasmine from the flowers. Other however, like the bitter orange tree, produce three different essentials oils – petitgrain from the leaves, neroli from the flowers, and a bitter orange from the fruit.

Our top 12 Essential Oils to keep in your cupboard:

  1. Lavender
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Chamomile
  4. Marjoram
  5. Lemon
  6. Peppermint
  7. Black Spruce
  8. Rosemary
  9. Geranium
  10. Ginger
  11. Frankincense
  12. Lemongrass

3 underrated essential oils and why they’re amazing:

Roman Chamomile: Chamomile relieves pain, spasms & cramps, destroys bacteria, settles the digestive system and expulsion of gas, aids in the digestion of food promotes and regulates menstrual flow, cools and reduces high body temperature, reduces nervousness, distress or agitation, and even promotes the healing of wounds!

Black Spruce: Black Spruce resists/destroys pathogens, is an antiseptic, strengthens and improves bodily performance, relieves coughing, increases the secretion and expulsion of urine, reduces inflamation, expels mucus, strengthens or tonifies the nerves and nervous system and has a warming & increasing effect on blood flow.

Geranium: Geranium is uplifting and counteracts melancholy, promotes the formation of scar tissue, destroys/inhibits odours, arrests bleeding, promotes the healing of wounds and prevents tissue degeneration.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to put my senses in order.” ~ John Burroughs

Every essential oil has a multitude of benefits; effective for so many ailments. Come in and chat with us about essential oils! With over 40 years of experience, we’d love to serve you.

Sourced from My Home Remedies, an essential oil recipe book by Colleen Hague of awaken my senses organics. Available for purchase in-store in our essential oil section.

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