Why We Love Magnesium For Back-To-School…

Did you know that magnesium can help with anxiety & depression?

Many of the common concerns we hear from our customers approaching the stressful back-to-school season have to do with sleep, anxiety and cognitive function. Whether you’re a parent or guardian looking to equip your child or a student headed to post-secondary, magnesium may become your best friend.

To start, magnesium helps with:

– reducing cortisol (the stress hormone)

– raising calming neurotransmitter GABA

– relaxing muscles which relaxes the brain

– stabilizing blood sugar

– stabilizing mood

– improving sleep

The brain actually utilizes magnesium to send signals to our body. Because of this, magnesium can help with anxiety, depression, fear and panic. It even improves brain plasticity which is vital for memory and cognitive function.

Magnesium sits between N-methyl-D Asparate receptors as a gate keeper. NMDA receptors effect various aspects of our emotion including fear, anxiety, depression, memory and learning. Magnesium keep them from over-stimulation. This process takes place when people take anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication. Magnesium does all this without the side effects that these drugs ensue! Plus, in relaxing important muscles, magnesium aids in healthy bowel movements … goodbye constipation!

Health Canada confirms that safe magnesium supplements can be taken by children and youth in the following dosages:

Ages 1-3: 80mg a day

Ages 4-8: 130mg a day

Ages 9-13: 240 mg a day

Girls 14-18: 360mg a day

Boys 14-18: 410mg a day

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