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Every year, without a doubt, head lice travels through your child’s the school at least once. Not all children will be affected, but it’s challenging for your child to not contact lice when they are sharing toys and hats, playing together or sitting next to a child with lice.

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Head lice are teeny tiny little parasites that nest and lay eggs on human hair. Contrary to popular belief, lice are attracted to clean, healthy and nourished hair. They thrive in this environment by feeding on blood by biting the scalp. The biting causes the scalp to itch.

Although the itching can be incredibly irritating, the problem isn’t so much the bug, but rather the eggs. In order to remove lice, you must focus on removing the eggs. One of the best ways to prevent and combat head lice, is to use Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree oil has the ability to destroy and release the eggs from the scalp, as well as preventing lice latching and laying their eggs.

Tea Tree Oil

To reduce the chances of lice laying eggs – simply add add a few drops of Tea Tree to your everyday shampoo and conditioner. You can also rub a few drops of Tea Tree oil through your hair

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Tea Tree Oil 10ml


LiceMeister Lice Comb

If you come into contact with lice, we recommend you use the LiceMeister comb to remove the eggs and prevent spreading. This comb has tiny, thin metal bristles to help release the eggs from the scalp.

LiceMeister Comb


Pop into one of our locations today, we’d love to help you find everything you and your children need to stayahead of these pesky parasites. See you soon!

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