Detox… A Lifestyle

Being in the wellness industry for many years, I’ve noticed the correlation between detoxing and weight loss. I’ve fallen for many sale pitches related to shedding a few pounds as the warmer weather hits. But it wasn’t until I realized how important it was to incorporate detoxing into my daily routine that I was able to better maintain my weight and health. 

I believe that our primary detoxification organs such as the lymph system, liver, kidneys and bowels have the capacity to metabolize and eliminate toxic build up…but only if they are functioning optimally. When our bodies are faced with an over-exposure of toxins and chemicals, our detoxification organs become congested and stressed which slows down the detoxification process. 

Drinking a detox drink

Over the last few years, I have established rituals that allow for my mind, body and soul to detoxify daily. Rituals such as increasing my bitter foods, manual lymph drainage, resting and recharging and listening to what my body needs. As these rituals became my daily routine, I have not only noticed contentment with my weight, but also with my surroundings. 

To learn more about how you can detoxify your lifestyle daily, join me on March 22nd for an interactive seminar downtown Peterborough at the Silver Bean Cafe, DETOX YOUR LIFE.Marissa Laughlin, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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