3 Ways to Green Your Hygiene Routine

Before you buy into a new product, trend or brand, do you ask yourself what impact it will have on the environment? We all have the ability to make the positive changes that can save our environment. When we become more aware and educated on the day-to-day products we are choosing to buy and use, we can directly impact our environment. Some of the most recent popular changes we have seen to living an conscious and a greener lifestyle is the banning and reduction of plastic straws, incentives to use reusable mugs at coffee shops and transitioning to biodegradable plastic bags. These positive shifts are a great step in the right direction to preserving our mother earth. We wanted to take this opportunity to specifically highlight how you can #green your hygiene routine!

A healthy smile maintained with green products

Oral Hygiene

When a company is creating a sustainable and eco-friendly product, so much thought, research, time and resources go into generating their product. Everything from the physical product, the packaging of the product to the carbon footprint of shipping the supplies and product is considered. Did you know that conventional dental floss is typically made from plastic or nylon which has been known to directly impact our wildlife and ocean and can take decades to degrade? We are proud to stock many eco-friendly alternatives including preserve toothbrush, which is made with recycled yogurt cups and The Floss Pot, an eco-conscious company that offers an aesthetically pleasing reusable glass dispenser with 100% biodegradable silk dental floss.

Menstrual Options

Did you know that conventional tampons can be filled with chemicals and carcinogenic materials that are toxic to the body? Also, most conventional tampon plastic applicators can take decades to decompose in landfills. Switching to organic cotton, fragrance free paper applicator tampons can reduce the waste in landfills as they degrade much faster. You could even take the next step and invest in CLOTH pads. Some women report shorter and lighter periods with less cramping after switching to cloth. Our Butterfly Pads are made with cloth and contain no bleaching chemicals or dioxin and are completely washable and reusable. Last but not least… the Diva Cup. This Diva Cup is a silicon cup that is reusable! Not only are you completely eliminating the waste that comes with all menstrual applicators, you are saving money by only having to replace it once every 1-2 years!

Biodegradable Shampoo

Biodegradable Shampoo

Everyone wants shiny, strong and healthy hair. Good news, you can achieve those luscious locks without breaking the bank and our environment! Choosing biodegradable shampoo means reducing the chemical impact on our earth that gets washed down the shower drain. You can even cut out the container by choosing un-packaged, soap-bar shampoo and conditioner! We have sold the SoapWorks shampoo/conditioner for many years, but just recently began selling The Unwrapped Life bars which give more variety. The Unwrapped Life is a stunning new eco-conscious personal care company that thrives on reducing physical and chemical waste in our environment. They use clean, safe and biodegradable ingredients in their products that hydrate strengthen and brighten your hair, and that’s right, no individual packaging!

We can choose to be a part of the solution with our day-to-day hygiene routine. Switching to a greener lifestyle doesn’t have be done overnight, but why not start today with even just one eco-conscious investment? We all have the ability to make powerful changes to sustain and enhance our environment. Let’s do this together!

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