Diane & Mirek’s Story

As many of you know, we recently opened our very first beverage bar here at our Lansdowne Street Location which we have named ’76 SIPS! Recently a lovely couple (Diane and Mirek) approached me and asked about the meaning behind the name ’76 SIPS. I explained that ’76 stood for 1976, the year our business was founded, and “SIPS” was a reference to the variety of beverages we will be offering fresh on site.

Diane then shared that she and Mirek were married in 1976, AND their last name is SIP!!!

We all proceeded to laugh at the coincidence!

“We always celebrate our anniversary by coming into Jo Anne’s to pick up a treat and then head to the Peterborough Zoo.” explained Diane, “Now we can pick up a treat at our own personal beverage bar!”

Just wanted to share this special story that gave us such joy!

Read more about our new beverage bar ’76 SIPS including our sustainable practices & offerings! See you soon at our Lansdowne Street Location! Jane Marie, Store Manager at our Lansdowne Location

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