Treat Yo Self

In the month of love, it’s important to practice self love.

Here’s a few of our favourites to treat yourself without breaking your wallet!

Relaxus ~ spa mask


Use this an excuse to do nothing but breathe for a good 15 minutes as this incredibly rejuvenating mask soaks into your skin!

NOW ~ essential oil orange


It’s easy to feel energized & uplifted while diffusing a citrus essential oil!

Celestial Seasonings ~ mandarin orange spice tea


Why not be bold and enjoy the taste of something new? This is just one example of many exciting different varieties just waiting for you!

Beeglow ~ beeswax bear candle


It’s true what you’ve heard…our beeswax candles are THE cutest. You won’t want to burn them ’cause they’re too cute. But they can just sit there, smelling like honey and being cute. And that’s ok.

Burt’s Bees ~ lip balm


Give your lips the deep moisturizing that they need this winter! Beeswax with vitamin E & peppermint …. yeeeees.

Camino ~ dark hot chocolate 


And now we’re into the chocolate…who doesn’t love it HOT? Enjoy this simple decadence to brighten up a dreary February afternoon.

Cacao nibs ~ raw, organic & fair trade


What ARE cacao nibs and how do I use them? Find out HERE

Endangered Species ~ dark chocolate w/sea salt and almonds


You can love the animals, love the earth, and love yourself just by enjoying a bar of chocolate!

Find out more about endangered speciesTo share the love, we will be GIVING AWAY all of the above products this month through Facebook & Instagram! Follow us today! InstagramFacebook

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