Vegan Charcuterie Board

Whether for Christmas day, a private holiday party, or new years eve, the board is your bestie. The key is to let your creative juices flow…the sky’s the limit! We love incoporating fresh greens, fruit, mustards, pesto, balsamic, oil, sweet or savoury nuts, honey, jam, jelly & of course our favourite crackers or bread. And now that there are so many delicious dairy-alternative “cheeses”, it’s so simple to keep your board vegan-friendly.

Ingredients for Vegan Charcuterie Board

PC: Julia Luymes

Get your savoury on with pickles, kimchi, olives! Fill in the cracks for a full beautiful spread and invite your guests to explore every flavour.

PC: Julia Luymes

And don’t forget to serve some festive drinks! We combined a can of zevia sparkling lime water with organic cranberry juice with delicious result. PC: Julia Luymes

The charcuterie board has gained popularity over the years as not just a fancy party appetizer, but as a unique and progressive way to prevent food waste, which we LOVE. Make use of all the little leftovers in your fridge and cupboard this holiday season!

Check out our selection of vegan alternatives for cheese, butter, eggs etc for the holidays this year at each of our locations! In collaboration with Jess from THE PAIR-ADIGM

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