Dairy & gluten-free sundaes

Don’t let food allergies keep you from enjoying a summer favourite! Creating dairy & gluten free sundaes is easy as it is delicious! Whether you suffer from allergies or not, you’ll love it.

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Step 1: Gather your favourite dairy-free ice creams or sorbets. A few frozen dessert companies we carry that have dairy-free options are: Screaming Brothers, So Delicious, Chimp Treats, St Anne’s Bakery & Fiasco! Experiment with different flavours, see how they compliment each other. How about a little orange sorbet with chocolate cashew frozen dessert?

Step 2: Whipping Cream! You can either use the So Delicious “Coco-Whip” (pre-whipped coconut cream) or whip up the cream portion of canned coconut milk until it reaches preferred consistency. Add on top of your yummy frozen dessert combo.

Step 3: Enjoy your toppings of choice! You could use fruit, crumbled gluten-free bars or cookies, dairy-free chocolate, really ANYTHING GOES. You are the creator. Enjoy!

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