Fresh fermented salad

Heather walks us through her simple & delish salad recipe as one example of how to use fermented food on a daily basis…

Photography by Julia Luymes

Serves: 1-2

Prep Time: 5 minutes


  • LIVE authentic kimchi
  • fresh sprouts (home-grown or from local microgreens company)
  • sprinkling of hemp hearts
  • your favourite nuts…we love pecans & pumpkins seeds in this salad specifically
  • any vegetables that strike your fancy like cucumbers, tomatoes & peppers


  1. Cut up any vegetables you’ll be using
  2. Add preferred amount of kimichi or harass sauerkraut to a bed of spinach
  3. Top with all other ingredients
  4. Although the kimchi or harass acts as a dressing, you may add a tbs of high quality olive, avocado or flax oil. Tastes so good and you feel great afterwards!

Watch our vlog about fermentation, the benefits of eating fermented foods & how to incorporate them into your diet with Heather!

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