3 Steps I Took to Reduce My Acne

Written by RHN Marissa Laughlin

I have tried many diets, cleansers and lifestyle changes to try and improve my acne. Growing up, acne was never a concern for me, but in the last year and a half it has been one of my biggest challenges. Being a nutritionist and talking to people face to face on a daily basis, my confidence has deceased knowing that my acne challenges were visible. No matter how many foundations, cleansers or masks I had tried, nothing seemed to work for longer than a week. Although I am still getting to the root cause of my imbalances, these are the 3 changes I made to my daily routine that has been noticeable and long lasting.


I have tried so many clarifying cleansers, ultra moisturizers and pore reducing masks. Many of those products were trial and error and either didn’t work, or only worked for a short amount of time. What I have realized through the endless amounts of money spent on skin care products is that, less is best.

This is my current skin care routine that I have found to be the most effective and cost friendly.

AM Cleanser: Pat down face with a cold cloth. I don’t typically wash my face in the morning because when I wake up my face is so soft and refreshed from my PM moisturizing treatment.

AM Moisturizer: Argan Oil + Frankincense Oil I do this first thing! Then, I get dressed, do my hair, eat breakfast, walk the dog and then apply my makeup. This gives my face enough time to absorb the oils.

PM Cleanser: Himalaya Purifying Neem + Turmeric Body Bar

I remove my eye makeup first with a dab of coconut or argan oil and then cleanse.

PM Moisturizer: Castor Oil + Frankincense Oil

Your face will be sticky. I recommend pulling your hair back in a bun or with a headband before going to sleep. If the oils get into your hair, don’t worry, it’s like a mini hair mask!

TIP: Neem, Turmeric and Frankincense are all anti-inflammatory!


There have been several changes I have made to my diet in the last 6 months that have been helpful, but the most noticeable change I have noticed was after I ditched cow’s dairy. I gave up cow’s dairy on January first and stuck to it for a full month. I felt great and the inflammation of my acne had decreased (which make sense because cow’s dairy is incredibly inflammatory). During the month of February, I had diary sneak in a handful of times which set my digestive system off and caused stress and inflammation to rise in my body, which showed in my face. For the next 2 months, I am going to continue to cut cow’s dairy, but allow goat’s dairy in my diet from time to time. Goat’s dairy have a completely different profile than cow’s dairy in which it is not as acidic or inflammatory and is easier to digest.


Imbalances in our bodies tend to become visible in the face. In ancient Chinese medicine, each area of the face corresponds with a specific part of the body. My breaks outs happen most on the left side of my mouth. This is a good indication that my digestive tract and hormones are imbalanced. After doing research and reading other wellness blogs, I came to the consensus I needed to support my gut lining and balance my hormones. To be honest, I am the worst at taking supplements that are in a pill form. I am much more compliment with supplements if it is in a powder or liquid form, which is what lead me to collagen. After being a vegetarian for 8 months, adding collagen into my daily routine took a lot of consideration. But, since seeing the improvement in my skin today, has made realized how much internal work needs to be done to heal my acne. I have been adding Progressive Collagen into my daily routine for the last month and a half and it has been a great addition. Plus side – my nails and hair are so strong and healthy!

My healing acne journey has been a roller coaster, but like I mentioned there are many factors to healing and nourishing the body. These are just a few changes I have made to help heal, nourish and support my body to reduce my acne. To follow along on my wellness journey to reduce acne, subscribe to the Wealth of Wellness newsletter HERE.

If you are looking for a personalized plan for you, please contact me at marissa@joannesplace.ca and book a consult today!Written by our in-storeRHN Marissa Laughlin

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